Dr. Benjamin Pennywise

Ex-Professor of Archaeology. A haunted man.


+5 Academics
+4 Mysteries Survival
+3 Art Contacting Science
+2 Drive Engineering Gambling Resources
+1 Fists Investigation Burglary Rapport Alertness

Linguist (Academics)
Gift of Tongues (Academics)
Scientific Genius (Science)
Walk the Walk (Contacting)
Herbal Remedies (Mysteries)


Justified Paranoia
Disgraced Professor
Obsessed with Egypt
Academic Rival


Formerly of Cambridge University, Dr. Pennywise has not survived the war as well as others.
While before he was a daring adventurer now he is but a shadow of his former self.
A large, gaunt man, he is constantly looking around him, seeing assailants everywhere.
But he is not entirely wrong.
One of his discoveries has attracted the attention of a group willing to do anything to get their hands on it.
Another complication is Professor Lee who was responsible for getting him dismissed.
Now he hopes to solve the mystery and to put the ghosts tormenting him to rest.

Dr. Benjamin Pennywise

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