Dr. G. Malory Attwood

A bit of Last Crusade Connery, a dash of Dr. No Connery, and just a hint of Name of the Rose Connery.


Dr. G. Malory Attwood

Neither Fish, Nor Fowl
A Black-Handled Knife
Emblem of the Red Cross
“Our Treasure Lies in the Beehive of Our Knowledge”
Every Tool Under the Sun
Sane to the Hideous End
Like the Prey of the Forest
Magellan Complex
“Elementary, My Dear”
“Eddy’s in the Space-Time Continuum!”

Skills (Superb +5): Mysteries
Skills (Great +4): Academics, Science
Skills (Good +3): Alertness, Investigation, Resources
Skills (Fair +2): Engineering, Guns, Resolve, Stealth
Skills (Average +1): Art, Contacts, Deceit, Drive, Rapport

Languages: English, Latin, Hindi, Egyptian Arabic, Ancient Egyptian (Hieroglyphic)

Health ooooo
Composure ooooo o

Walking Library (Acad): Malory’s prodigious reading has paid off in spades, and he is able to recall minute details from even the most obscure literary works. He is always considered to have a library on hand of a quality equal to his Academics skill, enabling him to answer questions with a base difficulty less than or equal to his Academics skill, using nothing other than his brain and some time for contemplation. Additionally, any research performed by Malory in a real library automatically takes one unit less time and any libraries with a quality less than his Academics skill do not limit the difficulty of the question asked, as they normally would.
Houserule: Walking Library’s benefits extend to Malory’s readings in the Mysteries, although at a penalty since arcane tomes are much harder to absorb entirely. He is considered to have a +2 Arcane Library on hand at all times in addition to the +4 Library on mundane subjects.

Scholar (Acad, History, Mythology): Malory is a respected authority in historical matters. When he makes an Academics roll pertaining to his general area of expertise, he receives a +1 bonus. He earns an additional +1 in the subfield of mythology and historical belief systems and this research will take one less time unit than usual (2 with Walking Library). In conversation with other scholars, he complements his social skills with Academics, as well as the Scholar bonuses of +1 or +2 for his fields of study.

Psychic (Myst): Malory is open to the strange and paranormal – though sometimes that means letting in the Unpleasant Things from the Darkness and other such nuisances. He may deliberately use his Mysteries skill to gain some mystic or terrible insight into the occult “climate” of an area, as if it were Investigation. This also means that he may use Mysteries instead of Alertness when surprised, if the origin of the surprise is in some way supernatural, and can even use Mysteries as his initiative skill when locked in a conflict with otherworldly forces.

Personal Artifact (Myst): Malory’s heirloom knife is, indeed, a powerful magical focus.
1. Arcane – Deals magical damage.
2. Craftsmanship – +1 to Weapons.
3. Alt. Usage – Defensive. Use Mysteries (instead of Resolve) to defend against psychic or supernatural attack. (Complication – may have bizarre side effects.)

Doctor (Sci): Dr. Attwood is, in fact, a doctor and has a singular ability to help the wounded recover from their ills. Whenever rolling Science to provide first aid or proper medical attention, the roll is made at +2.
(Malory’s medical office in Cairo is a general-purpose Lab +1.)

Stuff: tweed jacket and paisley bow tie or brown silk Nehru jacket, khaki pants, trilby hat, leather-bound pocket journal, Webley Mk. IV revolver, ramshorn pipe, tobacco pouch, box of matches.


Background (1877-1914):
On January 1st, 1877, G. Malory Attwood (don’t ask what the G stands for) came into this world. It was an auspicious day – the day Parliament gave Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, the title of Empress of India. The only son of an unimportant adjutant to the Governor-in-Council of Madras, Malory’s early life was quite sheltered. He played with the prim and proper children of men far more powerful than his own father. He played with the feral children of the consulate’s servant staff. But mostly, he kept to himself, working his way through every library into which he was allowed.

Neither Fish, Nor Fowl
Born white in an Indian city, neither aristocrat nor peasant, and in the odd time between the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion and the 1947 breakup of British India, Malory had few friends. Consequently his social graces are a bit lacking. Not horribly, but he always manages to say the wrong thing, and owns tweed jackets with leather elbow pads. Wherever he goes, he seems to stick out a bit.
Invoke to: Be socially fluent in the specific circles of British or Indian diplomats or politicians.
Compel to: Be noticed in a crowd, fail to fit in, be socially inept.

A Black-Handled Knife
Malory possesses a family heirloom passed down through at least six generations of Attwoods. It came to him complete with a cherry-wood box, under which lid the owners have carved their initials. According to his father the knife is powerful defensive talisman. Presented on his ninth birthday, the knife triggered Malory’s life-long interest in history and the arcane.
Invoke to: Have evidence of a strong bloodline, cause a beneficial freak occurence involving the knife.
Compel to: Be a target for supernatural nasties, obsess over the arcane or paranormal.

The Great War (1914-1918):
At the urging of his father, Malory enlisted late in 1915, shortly before the passing of the Military Service Act and the beginning of the draft. His scientific skills earned him a posting at the hastily-converted Kitchener General Indian Hospital in Brighton. He worked primarily as a researcher in biochemistry; his impressive memory, and consequent grasp of anatomy, meant he was also occasionally called upon to perform emergency surgery. Though he was spared the horrors of the front lines, the gruesome condition of his patients left indelible marks on his mind. Whenever possible he escaped into his books or, for the first time, into conversation with his peers. In 1919, a greatly changed Malory was discharged from the army, along with a medical certification and an allowance towards the pursuit of a doctoral degree.

Emblem of the Red Cross
Dr. Attwood’s experiences during the war honed his knowledge of anatomy, surgery, pharmacology, and chemistry to razor sharpness. They also gave him recurring nightmares and a healthy fear of direct physical confrontation.
Invoke to: Be experienced in the above fields.
Compel to: Have nightmares, freeze up in a combat situation.

“Our Treasure Lies in the Beehive of Our Knowledge”
During the war Malory learned the value of sharing knowledge, taking every opportunity to listen to “ghost stories” from the enlisted men or swap tidbits with the assembled academicians. Though his social skills might be somewhat lacking in general, he excels at winkling out bits of information from other people.
Invoke to: Be social with academics, glean important information from a conversation or friendly interaction.
Compel to: Cause a wild-goose chase.

The Novel (1919-1923): G. M. Attwood in… SON OF THE SUN GOD!
After Malory’s release from the army, he returned to Madras, but only long enough to see his family and settle his other affairs. He elected to finish his studies in Egypt on the basis of certain rumours he’d heard from associates during the Great War. As the Egyptian struggle for independence intensified, he set up practice as a physician, hoping to avoid too much persecution as an Englishman in the new Kingdom of Egypt. Late one night, a badly injured man stumbled into his home-office. The man was fevered but identified himself as a soldier the doctor had known during the war. However, the man appeared completely different and perhaps fifteen years younger than he should have been. He spent two nights in Malory’s care, the first in a 14-hour near-comatose sleep, and the second telling a disjointed tale of ancient treasures and equally ancient curses. By the morning of the second day he had vanished. Based on the man’s broken memories and a scrap of hieroglyphic writings produced from his pocket, Malory signed on to a traveling group bound for America and set out to, quite possibly, find the Fountain of Youth.

Dawson knows almost everyone of any import in New York, but more importantly, he knows who to trust. He’s worked with professors, government officials, and the occasional mobster. He doesn’t give out this information freely, however, and so, hardly anyone has access to his services.

The first time Dr. Attwood walked into his office, though, Dawson was impressed. The man had an aura of mystery and determination, which piqued Dawson’s interest. The two became fast friends, even though they didn’t always see eye-to-eye about the supernatural. Together, Attwood and Dawson researched possible locations of the Fountain of Youth: Attwood to discover it, and Dawson to disprove its existence.

Abe took the scatterbrained professor upstate, to find the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, it was a demonic ritual, that stole from people’s lifespan, and tricked them by reverting their age. They were able to cave in the caverns, but it was a tad bit disappointing not to life forever.

Every Tool Under the Sun
In addition to his medical office (Lab +1), Malory has created for himself very formidable stocks of texts and supplies in the arcane arts, general sciences, and even dabbling in mechanics and engineering. The contents of his pockets and traveling bags are legendarily wide-ranging. Unfortunately, these tie up a lot of his funds – not to mention filling every corner of his home. But hey, there’s always the barter economy, right?
Invoke to: Always have on hand medical/scientific/arcane supplies, be carrying something situationally useful for no predetermined reason.
Compel to: Have limited or no cash on hand, be unable to find anything specific in the mess.

Sane to the Hideous End
For all of his oddities, Malory has learned and observed such things as might unsettle the average man. Call it experience, or simply blase acclimation, he’s unlikely to quaver in the face of unreal or supernatural situations.
Invoke to: Remain calm and act effectively under pressure from paranormal sources.
Compel to: Have otherwise minor events trigger distracting flashbacks or disturbing memories.

From Ivan:
Like the Prey of the Forest
Given his aversion to physical conflict and the occasionally terrifying nature of his occult studies, Malory has a well-tuned sense of personal preservation. Also he runs fast.
Invoke to: Be the one to say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” run like hell, escape by the skin of his teeth
Compel to: Be the one to say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” flake out on a dangerous mission, run away unnecessarily

Magellan Complex
Malory’s globe-trotting adventures, plus the depth of his historical studies, have kept him up to speed on the academic aspects of global culture. For any given location or group, he’s likely to be able to rattle off political, religious, cultural, and historical specifics as well as anyone but a native.
Invoke to: Whip out relevant political, religious, cultural, historical, or otherwise internationally notable knowledge
Compel to: Be pedantic, speak from an academic perspective that may be offensive to passionate believers in a cause

From Mike:
“Elementary, My Dear”
As a result of his studies and experiences – and a passing interest in certain novels – Malory has a basic proficiency in forensic sciences, particularly psychology. Given enough information, he can be eerily accurate in predicting another person’s or group’s behaviour.
Invoke to: Cosplay a British junkie detective, analyze and predict behaviour patterns.
Compel to: Obsess over unimportant details, create a generically vague or completely wrong psych profile.

“Eddy’s in the Space-Time Continuum!”
Malory is only truly comfortable dealing with others on an academic level. Fortunately, he’s bloody good at his academics. Others who are in his fields often look up to him when he can show off his knowledge, and he does the same. In his later years he’s become savvy enough to know when those around him are completely clueless, and use that to his advantage.
Invoke to: Impress others with his superior knowledge, techno- or arcano-babble enough to distract someone without relevant knowledge.
Compel to: Be forced to respect someone with greater skills, get caught making up random crap while techno- or arcano-babbling.

Malory’s prime motivator is his curiosity. Nothing pleases him more than weaving together the strands of a good mystery, or holding in his own hands the evidence of a culture lost for thousands of years. For example, he spent a good year and a half attempting to reconstruct the kykeon, the ceremonial draught at the core of the Eleusinean Mysteries, which he believed to be a powerful psychedelic drug. He painstakingly assembled a list of potential historically-available compounds and – in the name of science – dosed himself with each, recording his experiences in a pocket journal for later comparison with the available data. He now possesses a pocket journal entirely filled with Joycean ramblings, occasionally interrupted by jagged, horrific repetitions of “SO MUCH BLOOD” or such gems as “stared at carpet for aprx. 60 minutes, fell asleep.” His dissertation and excerpts ran on the eighty-fifth through ninety-second pages of the Journal of Hellenic Studies, edition 1920, which unexpectedly outsold the previous year’s Journal by almost three to one.

Common sense didn’t make the top ten.

Dr. G. Malory Attwood

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