Ivan Moscovik

Tall, broad, and intimidating.


Fate Points: 8/10
Composure: OOOOO O

Languages: Russian, English

+5 endurance
+4 fists, might
+3 guns, intimidation, athletics
+2 academics, rapport, survival, resolve
+1 alertness, gambling, contacting, investigation, empathy

Son of Mother Russia
I Do As I Must
No Borders Behind Bars
Bolsheviks! spit
Opportunity Knocks For Everyone
Shard of Shrapnel
White Wolf’s Smile
Selective Memory
Czar of Common Vices
Master Distracter

Last Leg [Endurance]
The character may spend fate points to keep standing. Any time the character would be taken out by (or otherwise suffer a consequence from) a physical hit he may spend a fate point to remain standing or otherwise defer a consequence or concession for one more exchange, or until he’s hit again, whatever comes first. Once the extra time he’s bought is up, all effects he has deferred come to bear at once. He may keep spending fate points in this fashion until he runs out, each time the time limit expires.

Brawler [Fists]
Whenever you are personally outnumbered in a fight (i.e., when someone gets to attack you at a bonus due to a numerical advantage) your defense rolls with Fists are at +1. When fighting two or more minions, you deal one additional stress on a successful hit.

Whatever’s on Hand [Fists] Requires Brawler.
The character is skilled in the use of improvised weapons, and may use Fists instead of the Weapons skill when using an improvised weapon. Improvised weapons tend to break, and thus don’t usually last for more than one exchange, so players are encouraged to choose weapons which smash dramatically.

Unbound [Might]
If you are physically restrained in some fashion – be it by chains or a mob of people – you receive a +2 bonus to your Might in your efforts to break out of those bonds.

Infuriate [Intimidation]
Whenever deliberately trying to get someone angry with you, you receive a +2 bonus. If this results in an attack or other action against you by your target, you may use Intimidation to complement the skill you use on the first exchange, no matter the circumstance – after all, you made it happen, so you were ready for it.


Phase 1: (1898-1914) Industrial St. Petersburg
Ivan grew up in the shadow of the Winter Palace, knee deep in the soot of the factory district. He was sent to work at the factory with his Papa when he was scarcely 10 years old. The hours were long and their pay was barely enough for food for Mama and his little sisters.

Son of Mother Russia
The winters are cold and resources are in short supply for the underclass.
Invoke: Survive cold and deprivation with ease
Compel: Fare poorly in the heat, misunderstand other cultures

I Do As I Must
Surviving at home meant banding together, and everyone contributing. Ivan isn’t afraid to help people at personal cost, and he expects others to act the same unless they’ve proven untrustworthy.
Invoke: protect and provide for allies
Compel: to be taken advantage of (once per), get angry at selfish/self-serving acts

Phase 2: (1914-1918) War- Abroad and at Home
Ivan jumped at the chance to join the army and get out of St. Petersburg (or Petrograd, as it was then called.) He acquitted himself well in the fighting but Russia suffered loss after disastrous loss and he was taken prisoner by the Germans along with thousands of his countrymen. His POW camp was liberated by British forces near the end of the war. Ivan had recieved wounds during the last battle that had not healed properly and recieved care from a British doctor named Mallory Atwood. Recovering enough to travel took time, and when he finally arrived home the city was in ruins and the Communists had taken control. His family was among the missing.

No Borders Behind Bars
Ivan was held in a camp in western Germany. He encountered other prisoners of almost every Allied nation during that time, and quickly picked up useful bits of language and knowledge.
Invoke to: Speak some useful phrases (and curse words) of most European languages, be friendly with just about anyone (except Germans.)
Compel to: Misinterpret what’s being said or accidently insult people. Hate Germans*.

Bolsheviks! spit
Trapped and ill in the POW camp, Ivan was cut off from the outside world and did not hear about the civil war in Russia until long after the Bolsheviks had taken control. Since getting out he is hypersensitive to news reports and keeps careful track of world politics.
Invoke to: Know the news and political situation anywhere in the world, be insightful about future political events
Compel to: Get really angry about either war, miss his family, really hate communists*.

Phase 3: (1919-present) Ivan Moscovik in… Around the World in 40 days!?
With no family to take care of and the Communists in power, Ivan decided to leave Russia. He traveled south to India, a place he had heard so much about from Dr. Atwood, and sought out the man who had once saved his life. While visiting, he was introduced to a sprightly old Englishman named Timothy Moore who had decided to destroy the record that Phileas Fogg had set some years before in a race around the globe. Ivan was offered a job as a replacement for one of the baggage handlers who had fallen ill. He enthusiastically agreed, and they headed east for China at breakneck speed.

Opportunity Knocks For Everyone
Things always change around Ivan. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes, well…
Invoke to: good opportunities and lucky events for you and allies near you
Compel to: the same for enemies!

Shard of Shrapnel
Malory pulled an inch long steel shard out of Ivan’s left leg that would have lamed him for life. He later gave it to Ivan in India, and the Russian keeps it as a reminder.
Invoke to: Ignore or use pain as a motivator. Back up Malory.
Compel to: Have the old injury act up at a bad time.

Guest Spot in: Mike Innsbruck vs. the Black Zenith(1921)
In the Spring of 1921, the Bureau of Investigation recruited Mike for a secret mission to infiltrate and disband a criminal doomsday-cult known as the Black Zenith, based in Los Angeles. Innsbruck succeeded in his mission, with the help of Ivan Moscovik- a huge Russian he met in a speakeasy while gathering information. Ivan’s english was not so good yet, and he thought Mike was after a bunch of Communists rather than cultists. With a few well placed threats (and broken arms) they managed to deduce the location of one of the cult’s hideouts. What followed can best be described as a brawl, and the majority of the cult was eradicated. Finding out the cultists were actually religious crackpots took most of the fun out of it for Ivan and he took his leave after that, mumbling something about Prohibition and getting the hell out of America.

White Wolf’s Smile
When you’re as big as Ivan, everything you say has a certain weight to it. Ivan prefers to keep things civil right up until the point that they aren’t, and people tend to be careful to keep on the man’s good side. When a wolf smiles you can still see his teeth, as the saying goes.
Invoke to: imply a threat of force while being friendly, make people think twice about pissing him off
Compel to: scare people without meaning to, have people treat him as a threat automatically

Selective Memory
Look, sometimes you hear things wrong, especially when English isn’t your native tongue! And sometimes you just pretend to.
Invoke to: Misinterpret something on purpose, “forget” about something on purpose
Compel to: Not know uncommon words, actually forget something useful

Guest Spot in: Disappearing Memory: an Ishmael Dawson mystery (1922-1923)
Mike called in some help from his friend Ivan, who happened to still be stuck in New York and more than willing to bust some cultist heads in exchange for a bottle of contraband vodka. Ivan provided the distraction the other men needed to sneak inside the cultists’ hideout and it was summarily destroyed.

Czar of Common Vices
Ivan never goes anywhere without a flask of vodka, something to smoke, and something to light it with.
Invoke to: Be immune to the negative effects of alcohol. Offer booze/cigs to people in exchange for items/info.
Compel to: Run out of alcohol/nicotine, do something crazy for a fix.

Master Distracter
Ivan has no problem with being bait and will happily start a fight or bribe a guard.
Invoke to: Distract enemies in a variety of ways from friendly to very unfriendly
Compel to: Be forced to act as bait when it’s dangerous or do something ridiculous to accomplish the distraction (ie: dress in drag), or end up captured.

Motivation: A Need To Belong
Ivan would rather die than be alone. He values companionship and family above all else. The wars took away everyone he knew and loved and he’s been desperately trying to fill those gaps ever since. But real true friends are rare in this world, and he wonders if he could ever deserve to start a family when he couldn’t hold on to his own.

Ivan Moscovik

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