Mike Innsbruck

Two-Fisted Crusader against the Dark Arts


(5) Superb Resolve
4) Great Athletics and Guns
(3) Good Endurance, Fists and Investigation
2) Fair Awareness, Mysteries, Leadership and Deceit
(+1) Average Stealth, Survival, Science, Weapons and Academics

Born in the Saddle
Guided by the Stars
Implacable Will
“I’ll trust a German about as far as I can throw ‘im!”
Expert on the Black Zenith Cult
“I will not rest until Dr. Larsen is brought to justice!”
Life on the Road
Just in the Nick of Time
“There are some things beyond even science.”
Student of the Mystic Arts

Equestrian (Athletics): Use Athletics instead of Survival for all maneuvers when riding horses or other riding animals.
Bounce back (Endurance): When considering the amount of time it takes to recover from a consequence of a particular severity, reduce the timeframe by two steps on the time chart.
Trick Shot (Guns): Your character gains +2 on the roll for any Guns action that involves shooting an inanimate object.
Quick Draw (Guns): The character takes no penalty for drawing a gun as a supplemental action; if someone is actively blocking such an action (see block actions), you may treat that block as if it had a value two steps lower.
Inner Strength (Resolve): Whenever someone is trying to get inside your head – be it through psychic means (as with some mesmerism stunts), or through extensive torture – you receive a +2 to your Resolve defense even without resorting to a full defense action. If you do go for a full defense, you may, but it only nets you a +3 in total.

Personal belongings
Rustic, weather-appropriate clothes.
Well-worn cowboy hat.
Colt M1911 45. Handgun (in hip holster)
Hunting knife (in belt-sheath)
Notebook on Black Zenith Cult behavior (may look like paranoid ramblings to outsider eyes)
Beat-up old steamer trunk, loaded with several clothes for changing, bolt-action Winchester rifle with hunting scope, several cases of ammunition (.45 and 30.06), strong rope, bottle of whiskey in secret compartment.

Stress & Other Conditions
Health: XXXXO OO
Resolve: OOOOO OOO
Conditions: None

Fate Points 8/10


The Early Years (1897-1916): Raised on a Horse Ranch in Montana
From an early age, Michael Sean Innsbruck showed great promise on his family’s horse ranch in northern Montana. He was a natural in the saddle, and a crack shot at the age of 14. He was also accepted as a blood brother into the Blackfoot Indian tribe. The tribe’s shaman recognized something strange and powerful in Mike, and named him “Walks by Starlight”. Mike does not know what that means, but he is filled with a strong sense of purpose and destiny.

The Great War (1917-1918): War in the Atlantic
During the Great War, Innsbruck served in the north Atlantic as a Navy lieutenant onboard various submarine chasers. An extremely willful man, Innsbruck often came into conflict with his superiors, and was routinely transferred between ships and passed for promotion. He distinguished himself in the spring of 1918, when he uncovered a German traitor on board, and foiled an attempt at sabotage.

The Novel (1921): Mike Innsbruck vs. the Black Zenith
In the Spring of 1921, the Bureau of Investigation recruited Mike for a secret mission to infiltrate and disband a criminal doomsday-cult known as the Black Zenith, based in Los Angeles. Innsbruck succeeded in his mission, with the help of Ivan Moscovik- a huge Russian he met in a speakeasy while gathering information. Ivan’s english was not so good yet, and he thought Mike was after a bunch of Communists rather than cultists. With a few well placed threats (and broken arms) they managed to deduce the location of one of the cult’s hideouts. What followed can best be described as a brawl, and the majority of the cult was eradicated. Finding out the cultists were actually religious crackpots took most of the fun out of it for Ivan and he took his leave after that, mumbling something about Prohibition and getting the hell out of America.

Before he left, he introduced Mike to his compatriot, Malory Attwood – a respected authority in historical belief systems. Mike and Malory put their heads together to ferret out the last vestiges of the Black Zenith that hadn’t been eradicated by the direct approach. Extrapolating from the Zenith’s previous operations and the tenets of their faith, they identified two likely hiding-places for the remaining cultists. While Malory took his leave and hopped a train to New York, Mike led a daring federal raid that picked up the last few known Zenith members.

Innsbruck succeeded in his mission, but Dr. Zachary Larsen – the cult ring-leader – escaped apprehension. Innsbruck was personally thanked by J. Edgar Hoover – who acted as liaison during the operation – but the BOI categorically denies any involvement with the operation.

First Guest-Spot (1921): Heartless in Dixie, starring Abraham “Abe” Alinsky
After a long year driving, riding and sailing across the US, Mike tracked the elusive Dr. Larsen all the way to South Carolina, in a spooky old town called Hangman. Unfortunately, this time Larsen and his goons were ready for Mike, and it would surely have been the end of him, had it not been for the timely arrival of Abraham Alinsky. Working together, the occult investigator and the scrappy Jew foiled the Black Zenith’s plans in Dixie, but once again Dr. Larsen escaped.

Second Guest-Spot (1923): Disappearing Memory, starring Ishmael “Snake” Dawson
A whole year after the Dixie incident, Mike had completely lost the trail of Dr. Larsen. He made his way to Columbia University, New York, where the illustrious Prof. Daniel Pandor was said to give lectures on obscure and ancient religions. Instead of the professor, Mike found the silver-tongued “Snake” Dawson, a fellow veteran also on the hunt for the missing scholar. Together they uncovered a Black Zenith conspiracy to overtake the University, and summarily destroyed it. Mike also discovered a clue to the whereabouts of Dr. Larsen, driving him ever Eastward.

Motivation (1923)
After witnessing the strange rituals and unspeakable crimes perpetrated by the Black Zenith, Michael Innsbruck dedicated his life to ridding the earth of its evil. His research into the cult has revealed that it may have originated in the Middle East, in Egypt or possibly Persia. He also suspects that his old enemy, Dr. Zachary Larsen, has fled to Cairo for support from other cells of the cult. After exhausting his own funds for the time being, Michael has offered his services to the Pennywise expedition as an expert on Egyptian mythology and mysticism.

Mike Innsbruck

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